SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Meeting Recap

 Winning Charity: Gifts For All God’s Children

Presenting member: Patti Jacques

Since 1988 Gifts For All God’s Children has reached 74,000 kids in need.  What started as a Christmas gift event has expanded to a year-round outreach to inner city churches. Gifts For All God’s Children Mission is to meet needs and share the love of Christ with at-risk children in Southeast Michigan by connecting children with churches and community organizations, giving gifts, and planning events.

Through God and with our donation, the CKC (Connecting Kids to Christ) youth discipleship and tutoring program will be expanded to more churches. CKC Tutoring is a one-on-one tutoring program that builds a foundation of success on Jesus Christ and academic progress.  Gifts For All God’s Children is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is run by all volunteers, except for paid tutors, which allows 93 cents out of every 1 dollar donated to go directly to at-risk children in our community.

 Amount donated: $9,000 

*Total amount raised reflects 100% participation of  90 current members.


Also presented:  We encourage members to pray for and support all of the wonderful charities introduced at our meetings.

 Building Beds 4 Kids
Presenting member: Paul Rossi

Very simply, BUILDING BEDS 4 KIDS is a 501(c)(3) qualified charitable organization which: Utilizes an all-volunteer staff and workforce; Builds very basic twin-sized, wooden bed frames from 2 x 4’s, plywood, OSB, and hardware at its facility in Oak Park, Michigan, and; Distributes beds at absolutely no cost to families in need, including mattresses and bedding, in collaboration with churches, public and private agencies, and other organizations. 100% of the overhead and administrative costs are borne by the founders’ family, and 100% of tax-deductible contributions are used to purchase materials. Their mission is simple…they provide beds to kids who have no bed.


Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation
Presenting member: Lana Doneth

Cassie was a typical student-athlete junior in high school until a pain on her side led her to a cancer diagnosis. Cassie battled with faith and strength for 4 years. Shopping for shoes and joining other young adults battling cancer is what helped her stay positive.  The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports young adults (16-39) during their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and beyond through a variety of advocacy and programming. The mission of the Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation is to support young adults with cancer from the beginning of their battle to life beyond cancer. Engaging in support groups involving peer interaction, especially young adult cancer camps, can provide them with tools that will help them manage the emotional side of their battle and allow them to feel like they are back in charge of their own life.


100 Faithful Friends Donations to Date

Meeting Meeting Date Winning Charity  Donation Total
1 Sep-15 Dutton Farm  $                             4,100.00
2 Dec-15 LifeBUILDERS Detroit  $                           10,000.00
3 Mar-16 Pontiac Dream Center  $                             7,800.00
4 Jun-16 Faith Works  $                             8,000.00
5 Sep-16 St. Clair Butterfly Foundation  $                             8,900.00
6 Dec-16 Amiee O’Neill & family  $                           10,200.00
7 Mar-17 Manna Community Meals  $                           10,600.00
8 Jun-17 Audra Katchorek & family  $                           10,900.00
9 Sep-17 New Day Foundation  $                           10,300.00
10 Dec-17 Bryant Paul Miller & family  $                           10,000.00
11 Mar-18 Great Lakes Burn Camp  $                           10,000.00
12 Jun-18 Helping Hands Gifts  $                           10,000.00
13 Sep-18 Faith Works  $                           10,400.00
14 Dec-18 Six Feet Over  $                           10,400.00
15 Mar-19 Love For A Child  $                           10,000.00
16 Jun-19 YWAM Metro Detroit  $                           10,000.00
17 Sep-19 Hope Center  $                             9,400.00
18 Dec-19 Purposeful Youth Detroit  $                             9,000.00
19 Mar-20 Blessings in a Backpack  $                             9,750.00
20 Jun-20 Meals on Wheels  $                             9,600.00
21 Sep-20 St. Patrick Senior Cener  $                             9,300.00
22 Dec-20 Patron/Abide Ministries  $                           10,300.00
23 Mar-21 The Links, Inc. – Oakland County  $                             9,000.00
24 Jun-21 Know Resolve  $                             9,250.00
25 Sep-21 Gifts For All God’s Children  $                             9,000.00
 $          236,200.00