JUNE 16, 2022 Meeting

Winning Charity: UCARE

Presenting member: Laurie Petrusha
UCARE  (Ukrainian Children’s Aid and Relief Effort) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose focus is the children of Ukraine, primarily those living in orphanages and government run orphanage schools. UCARE was started over 20 years ago by our member’s cousin, Vera Petrusha, and provides humanitarian truckloads of basic need items, works to improve the quality of life and health of children residing in the Ukrainian orphanage system, and create opportunities for these children to reach their maximum potential. Currently, because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the primary focus is on the medical and educational needs of displaced and orphaned children in Ukraine, many of whom are currently hiding and living in bunkers.  Our collective donation of $8,700 will pay for  a truckload of food, supplies, and humanitarian relief.

 Amount donated: $8,750 


Also presented:  We encourage members to pray for and support all of the wonderful charities introduced at our meetings.

The Power Company Kids Club
Presenting member: Chuck Pottenger
For twenty-nine years, the Power Company Kids Club has been a Christian 501(c)(3) organization committed to equipping the children of Pontiac and Detroit to become leaders of the next generation.  PCKC’s vision is to bring the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and their families who will, in turn, reach future generations for Christ. Through a mentoring program, 1200 kids are visited in their homes every week and are part of a weekly Saturday program that nourishes the hearts and stomachs of all those who are blessed to participate.  PCKC boasts a 100% high school graduation rate of its program participants.  This program is vital to the lives of the children served by Power Company Kids Club.

 Love INC North Oakland County
Presenting member:  Patricia Duke
Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) North Oakland County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cooperative effort that links churches, volunteers, and service agencies and helps them to organize and mobilize their efforts by reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged. For over 10 years, Love INC has served as a needs Connection Center, where people in need contact us and we in turn get them connected with local churches and agencies that provide them with assistance. Love INC currently serves 500 families with food, shelter, utility, holiday help, and meets ongoing needs that are not currently being met by other agencies or organizations by working with our partner churches in the operation of Community Meals, a Clothes Closet, Little Luxuries, Bed Blessings & Beyond and a Laundry Ministry.


100 Faithful Friends Donations to Date

Meeting Meeting Date Winning Charity  Donation Total
1 Sep-15 Dutton Farm  $                  4,100.00
2 Dec-15 LifeBUILDERS Detroit  $                10,000.00
3 Mar-16 Pontiac Dream Center  $                  7,800.00
4 Jun-16 Faith Works  $                  8,000.00
5 Sep-16 St. Clair Butterfly Foundation  $                  8,900.00
6 Dec-16 Amiee O’Neill & family  $                10,200.00
7 Mar-17 Manna Community Meals  $                10,600.00
8 Jun-17 Audra Katchorek & family  $                10,900.00
9 Sep-17 New Day Foundation  $                10,300.00
10 Dec-17 Bryant Paul Miller & family  $                10,000.00
11 Mar-18 Great Lakes Burn Camp  $                10,000.00
12 Jun-18 Helping Hands Gifts  $                10,000.00
13 Sep-18 Faith Works  $                10,400.00
14 Dec-18 Six Feet Over  $                10,400.00
15 Mar-19 Love For A Child  $                10,000.00
16 Jun-19 YWAM Metro Detroit  $                10,000.00
17 Sep-19 Hope Center  $                  9,400.00
18 Dec-19 Purposeful Youth Detroit  $                  9,000.00
19 Mar-20 Blessings in a Backpack  $                  9,750.00
20 Jun-20 Meals on Wheels  $                  9,600.00
21 Sep-20 St. Patrick Senior Center  $                  9,300.00
22 Dec-20 Patron/Abide Ministries  $                10,300.00
23 Mar-21 The Links, Inc. – Oakland County  $                  9,000.00
24 Jun-21 Know Resolve  $                  9,250.00
25 Sep-21 Gifts For All God’s Children  $                  9,250.00
26 Dec-21 Thaar Care Foundation  $                  9,750.00
27 Mar-22 Hope Against Trafficking  $                  8,800.00
28 Jun-22 UCARE, Inc.  $                  8,750.00
 $  263,750.00